Pakistan's first Smart City

located in Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad (CSCI) is an initiative of Future Developments Holdings (Pvt) Limited (FDH), which is one of the leading real estate developers and asset management company operating in Pakistan to develop new state of the art smart cities with a focus not only to give luxury living but also equal economic contributions.

Through strategic investments, innovative urban planning and life cycle asset management, FDH creates integrated communities that embody international standards of sustainability with a strong commitment to quality.

*A New Destination

Location & Connectivity

Capital Smart City
Capital Smart City Islamabad's Location map
With the emerging economic opportunities in the region, CSCI is poised to establish itself as a regional centre offering new business opportunities and accommodating the influx of population by creating a new centre of economic, commercial, health, educational, recreational, housing and tourism facilities.

The existing natural elements of forests, hills and rivers surrounding the site provide opportunity for scenic views, vistas and potential green corridors.

*A Model For

Sustainable Development


Diversity of Jobs

To Become the first commercial centre in the region


World Class Infrastructure

To provide state of art transport infrastructure with high efficiency to support city and regional growth.


Quality Living

To design for resilient social infrastructure


Identity & Heritage

To become a destination for both international and local residents.


Clean & Green

To conserve natural resources and ensure a zero-net loss of natural areas.


Efficient Resource Management

To be the most eco-friendly development in the region.

*Economic Sequencing

Phase 0 (Immediate Term)

• Gateway Interchange

• Central Boulevard

• Sales Gallery/ Site Office

• Grand Mosque

• Overseas Block

(Showcase precinct up

to few hundred units)

• Medium Density

Housing (Up to 1,000


• BRT (Phase 1 to Grand


Phase 1A (Short Term)

• Airport Hotel

• Food Street

• Floating Village

• Recreation Zoo

• Central Park

• Development of

first (showcase)

neighbourhood and

public facilities catering

for medium-low income


• Overseas Block (Phase 2)

• Transport Hub (at the

end of Central Boulevard

in the Town Centre)

Phase 1B (Medium Term)

• Inner Ring Road

(Phase 1)

• Commercial/CBD Spine

• Waterfront Apartment

• Golf Course

• Development of 3

neighbourhoods and

public facilities along the

Inner Ring Road

• Overseas Block ( Phase 3)

• BRT (Phase 2 to end


• CSCI Bus Line (Phase 1)

Phase 2 (Long Term)

• Inner Ring Road (Phase 2)

• Education and Health City

• Cultural Village at Dhoke


• Silk Route Mart & IBN-E-

Batuta Mall

• Adventure Tourism Zone

• Development of high

density neighbourhood

and public facilities along

M2 Motorway

• Development

of farmhouses

neighbourhoods and

public facilities in the

southern area

• CSCI Bus Line (Phase 2)