The federal government has set aside funds for a number of new development projects in Islamabad.


The federal budget’s Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) for the fiscal year 2021-22 has set aside Rs1000 million for work on the operationalization of the Metro Bus Service from Peshawar Morr to Islamabad International Airport.


The project, which entails the construction of a 25.6-kilometer track that cost Rs16 billion, was initiated by the PML-N administration in 2017 and is nearly completed. On the other hand, the bus service has yet to begin to serve residents.


The project was completed by the National Highways Authority (NHA) a few months ago, and it was handed over to the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for operation.


The government has also allocated Rs3154.6 million for land acquisition of the project, Conduction of Water from the Indus Water System at Terbala Dam, according to budget records. Meanwhile, Rs35 million has been allocated for the restoration and upgrading of the Rawal Dam fish seed hatchery, as well as Rs35 million for the restoration of the link Darbar Golra Sharif Road.

For ongoing projects, the government has earmarked Rs500 million for sanitation and road Projects in Union Council Bokra, Mara Sumbal, Mara Jaffar, Bhandana Kalan, Jhangi Sayyedan, Saria-i-Kharbooza, Tarnol Golra Sharif, and Shah Allah Ditta. Similarly, Rs167 million has been earmarked for the sewerage sanitation and water supply scheme of ICT. Rs500 million has been earmarked for development work in Ali Pur, Khanaa Dak, Tarlia, Kirpa, Charah, Tumar, and so on. Similarly, Rs500 million has been allocated for development work in Sohan, Rawal Town, Chack Shahzad, Saidpur, Noorpur, Malpur, Kot Hatyal North and South, Phulgran, Pind Bhagwal, and Kuri areas. Whereas, Rs3000 million has been allocated for the 10th Avenue Project.


Another mega development project for Islamabad’s 170 public schools has been sanctioned, with the federal government allocating Rs409 million for an Rs6.9 billion improvement project in the fiscal year 2021-22. Provision of Basic Educational Facilities in ICT Educational Institutions is a project that aims to upgrade 170 schools, including building and refurbishment besides providing missing facilities.