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December 16, 2021

Housing-Societies By law Changed Plan Of CDA

ISLAMABAD: The management of the city decided to change the regulations of housing societies, according to the new plan instead of canceling the whole layout plan action will be taken only against the specific portion of society.

The Chairman of Ameer Ali Ahmed stated that they are determined to make changes to the regulations to shield the rights of citizens. They would also keep a complete check on the workers of housing schemes. According to the sources, they also stated that they will discuss the new policy in the upcoming board meeting and they are concern about the bound not to cancel the entire layout plan of any scheme or action should be taken against only the defective area. They also stated that instead of taking action against the entire layout plan action will be taken against the specific portion of a society that is violated.

He also stated that instead of getting guarantees from the bank, the CDA is planning to get a personal guarantee from the owner of a housing scheme. That way they could not disaffiliate themselves from the scheme after selling. After issuing the layouts plans of housing societies the CDA used to cancel the entire plan when violations were reported.

The layout plan is the blueprint of any housing society which is approved by CDA allowing the operators to develop approval of the layout plan does not allow the operators to sell plots. Plots can be sold after getting a non-objection certificate (NOC) which is issued when the society develops the scheme in accordance with the layout plan.

Reportedly, there are above 100 unauthorized housing schemes in Islamabad, most of them got the approval of them have approved their layout plan only to be canceled later. There are around 20 legitimate housing schemes with authentic LOP and NOCs. There are thousands of residents of unauthorized housing schemes that have been suffering because of being ineligible to get utility connections.

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