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December 15, 2021

In Rawalpindi, Six Additional Dams Will Be Developed By 2022

Rawalpindi: As per the latest news, the construction of six new dams projects in Rawalpindi has been approved by the Punjab Government. The development will start from the year 2022. With an estimated budget of PKR 14.70 billion, the dams under the project include Dadocha Dam, Papin Dam, Mahutta Dam, Mujahid Dam, Chahan Dam, and Dhar Jawa Dam.

The administration has already allocated funds for projects under the Annual Development Programme (ADP). As per the sources, the construction of Mujahid Dam has already been started. Below are the details of the project’s fiscal allocations:

Mohata Dam will be constructed in union council Raika for PKR 500 million, irrigating 45,000 acres of land
Mujahid Dam will be constructed in the Chauntra area for PKR 500 million, irrigating an estimated 70,000 acres of land

Dhar Jawa Dam will be developed for PKR 2.71 Billion in Murree. The feasibility and PC-1 of the project is prepared, and the work is expected to start soon

Papin Dam will be constructed in Chak Beli for PKR 3.3 billion, irrigating 50,000 acres of agricultural area

Dadocha Dam is being built at the cost of PKR 3.5 billion, supplying water to the cantonment city of Rawalpindi and the surrounding region

Chahan Dam is already complete with the work started on expanding water storage capacity. The project is expected to cost PKR 6 billion and includes the installation of water treatment plants for various union councils.

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