The assistant project director briefed a team of the district administration that approximately 90% of the work on the under-construction Koto hydropower project (Koto-HPP) has been completed and is expected to be completed by December 2021 this year.

The team, which included deputy commissioner Aun Haider Gondal, Timergara assistant commissioner Tahir Ali, and other officials, paid a visit to the project site recently. According to Koto-HPP assistant director Mohammad Shuaib, the powerhouse will produce 40.8MW of electricity, which will be integrated into the national grid.

He stated that the remaining 10% of the project’s work would be completed by December of this year. He mentioned that the contractor had completed the work on the power tunnel ahead of schedule.

The deputy commissioner inspected numerous parts of the power station, including the box channel, surge shaft, sand trap, and powerhouse, and promised his district administration’s full assistance in completing the project on schedule.

Mr. Shuaib stated that the scheme’s aim was to improve power capacity in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on a sustainable basis in order to provide customers with environmentally friendly electricity.