The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) will host the second public seminar/stakeholder conference on Master Plan 2050 on June 24 at Summer Palace, Lahore Fort, according to news advertising.


The proposed Lahore Master Plan 2050 aims to address the city’s traffic, public transportation, environmental, industrialization, urbanization, and social challenges. The conference is being held in partnership with the Lahore Walled City Authority.


The Authority has invited national and international consulting firms as well as individuals to participate in the second public seminar/stakeholder conference to analyze, discuss, and learn from their international city planning experiences.


Furthermore, the LDA has asked for recommendations and ideas for the betterment of Lahore from the government, semi-government, commercial enterprises, and agencies, as well as individuals. Participants can remotely attend the conference via Facebook or a Zoom link, the details of which will be provided on the LDA website,


In this respect, the authority has asked attendees to submit their ideas and concerns in person to the Metropolitan Planning Wing at the LDA office or to address their issues during the conference.