The Punjab government has earmarked Rs24 billion for several mega projects in Rawalpindi in the provincial budget for the fiscal year 2021- 2021 (FY22), a spokesperson said on Sunday.

The provincial government would allocate Rs16 billion to numerous megaprojects in Rawalpindi district, including the Ring Road, Daducha Dam, Kohsar University, modern graveyard, and others mentioned on legislators’ suggestions.

In addition, the Punjab government would contribute Rs8 billion to Murree’s development. According to sources, the Ring Road project would now be built from GT Road to the Thalian motorway, which was the alignment planned when Shahbaz Sharif was Punjab’s chief minister.

The project will be constructed through a public-private partnership (PPP), with the Punjab Ring Road Authority (PRRA) serving as the project’s executive agency.


In the same way, the government would reserve funds in the fiscal budget for the Daducha dam, which is expected to cost more than Rs5 billion.


The funds will also be allocated to construct a modern cemetery in the garrison city, which would be built on 2,000 kanals of state-owned property. According to sources, a 57-kilometers gas supply line would be built in Murree and a 38-kilometers gas supply line would be built in Rawalpindi.