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November 12, 2021

State Lands Being Recovered From Illegal Occupiers: Punjab CM Sardar

LAHORE – Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar said that the writ of the government was being ensured by recovering state lands from illegal occupiers. “The retrieved lands will be utilized for public welfare purposes, and an indiscriminate crackdown on land grabbers will continue as the government will go to every extent to eliminate land mafia from the province,” he emphasized.

In this regard, the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has retrieved 563736-Kanal state land in three years valuing Rs198699.775 million. Similarly, 10141-Kanal land worth Rs11870.74 million has been retrieved in the Gujranwala region while 5610-Kanal land has been recovered in the Rawalpindi region having a market value of Rs11017 million.

Moreover, 135896-Kanal state land was regained in the Faisalabad region worth Rs34654 million and another 52884-Kanal land was seized in the Sargodha region valuing Rs16123 million.

Likewise, 41306-Kanal state land valuing Rs28429 million was retrieved in the Sahiwal region while 54314-Kanal state land worth Rs21,217 million was recovered in the Multan region. A 74777-Kanal state land worth of Rs18597 million was recovered in the Bahawalpur region.

Furthermore, a 176594-Kanal state land valuing Rs20480 million was recovered in the DG Khan region while 1182.19-Kanal state land valuing Rs26563.98 million was in the Lahore region.

A 10843.14-Kanal state land worth of Rs.7534.94 million was recovered in the Lahore region-B, and another 184-Kanal land valuing Rs2209 million in the headquarters region was also reclaimed from the illegal occupants.

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