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November 30, 2021

The CDA Provides Updates On The Rawal Interchange

Islamabad: The Capital Development Authority shared that 35% of work on the Rawal Dam Interchange has been completed and is expected to be complete by October 2022.

Reportedly, the Rawal Dam Chowk Interchange project was inaugurated in July 2020, at an estimated cost of PKR 1.1 billion. However, the work formally started in October 2020 after a delay of a few months. As per the details, the utility service lines were to be shifted which took several months and base work also took a lot of time to be completed. The officials stated that in the second year, the project will be completed at a fast pace and delivered within a stipulated time.

Moreover, one of the engineers of the CDA disclosed that the work will progress at an expedited process from January. The said interchange is being developed at the junction of Murree Road, Park Road, and Club Road. Once this road is complete, it will facilitate commuters as traffic congestion – which is common on this part of Murree road – will be eased. According to CDA, another project will be launched for the beautification of the interchange. Under this initiative, an arched style bridge will be constructed with lighting at the project site. It was also reported that CDA plans to expand the existing Park Road after the completion of the Interchange project.

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