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November 26, 2021

The CDWP Clears Rawalpindi Ring Road, Leh Expressway Projects

Islamabad: The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) on Tuesday (November 24) cleared six projects worth PKR 61.24 billion that include three mega road infrastructure projects; Leh Expressway, 10th Avenue (from IJP Road to Srinagar Highway), and Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR), according to news sources.

As per the details, the CDWP can approve projects with an estimated cost of less than PKR 10 billion, while projects with high estimated costs have to be referred to ECNEC for final approval. During the meeting, three large transport and communications projects (mentioned above) worth PKR 60.64 billion were submitted to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) for approval.

The CDWP approved the PC-1 for the development work RRR main carriageway from Banth (N-5) to Thalian (M-2), at the total cost of PKR 23.606 billion. Another project cleared by the CDWP was pertaining to PC-1 for land acquisition of Leh Expressway and flood channel in Rawalpindi. A total of 750 kanals of land will be required for the construction of the said project. Also, the CDWP approved the feasibility study and construction of 10th Avenue (from IJP Road to Srinagar Highway), at the total cost of PKR 12.08 billion. Moreover, three smaller projects were also cleared by the CDWP related to the industries and commerce sector in Balochistan’s border areas. These included the development of joint border markets at Ghedhi district in Panjgur, at the cost of PKR 184.5 million; at Gabd district in Gwadar, at the total cost of PKR 226.585 million; and at Mand district in Keh, at the total cost of PKR 183.9 million. Under this project, six markets will be established along the border of Pakistan-Iran border. In the first phase, three marketplaces will be developed.

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