Al Noor Orchard Lahore is renowned for its diverse and inventive design. For those who want to settle in Lahore and those who want a dream home,
Al Noor Orchard Lahore aims to provide a luxurious life. For those who strive to live every moment of life to the fullest, Al Noor Orchard is the ideal abode. This gated community, quiet, safe, and serene, offers the most comfortable living in the most iconic location in the city

Features & Amenities of Al Noor Orchard

24/7 Water, Gas & Electricity

Developed at a rapid pace, the Blue City Islamabad has worked tirelessly to ensure 24/7 availability of adequate resources such as Water, Gas, and Electricity for the residents. Moreover, underground electricity lines have been installed to provide a consistent supply of energy to the residents.

Commercial Hub

Al Noor Orchard presents a brilliant opportunity for massive profits. As the CPEC routes are in close proximity, it has potential to transform into the next commercial hub of the country. It is an opportunity to enjoy interaction with different communities like Chinese and overseas Pakistanis.

Schools, Hospitals

Schools, Police Stations, and Medical facilities have been abundantly included in the Lahore Smart City Master Plan. Located near main Islamabad City, the project has all the necessary facilities available to the residents inside the the society including a 40-bed Hospital facility of international standards.

24/7 Security and Surveillance

With an advanced 24/7 Security and Surveillance system, this society is one of the most safe and secure housing societies in the country. The security staff employed for the protection of residents include trained and experienced professionals ensuring that all security standards are met.

Mosques, Parks and lakes

Jamia Mosques have been built throughout the society torepresent a symbol of Muslim unity. Moreover, Islamic Architecture has also been keenly promoted with the construction of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque Replica. This project serves as a symbol of our Islamic Values and the Glorious Ottoman Empire.

Hotels, Shopping centers

Al Noor Orchard includes beautiful parks, sports facilities and a cultural complex. Environment-friendly Parks such as Oxygen Park will provide a natural place for physical training and outdoor activities. Sports and Cultural Complex will promote cultural harmony and diversity.

5 Year Al Noor Orchard Payment Plan For Residential Plots

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking AmountConfirmation Amount Within 30 DaysBalloting Within 1 YearPossession Within 2.5 Year60 Equal Monthly Installments
3 Marla 1,600,000/-200,000/-120,000/-160,000/-160,000/-16,000/-
5 Marla2,500,000/-300,000/-200,000/-250,000/-250,000/-25,000/-
10 Marla4,250,000/-500,000/-350,000/-425,000/-425,000/-42,500/-
1 Kanal7,000,000/-800,000/-600,000/-700,000/-700,000/-70,000/-