A housing society that serves as a springboard to a brighter future and a more opulent way of life. It’s a place where you may live a high-end lifestyle while still having access to modern amenities. The Grand Ballot of Green Palms Gwadar was completed successfully earlier this year, and the project is now going along at a rapid pace. To assist purchasers and other investors, this home project is giving an online payment facility with no bank costs, and all of this new manner of payment is being offered purely so that buyers do not have to put up much effort in terms of payments.

It is an appealing and promising housing project on the Makran Coastal Highway. The Rafi Group launched the project, which provides a mix of residential and business plots at reasonable prices. Green Palms Gwadar is one of the few reputable and reliable investment opportunities available. The NOC provided  by the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). If you choose to live here, it will be one of the best decisions you ever make. This house plan includes plots in a variety of sizes and price levels.

Gwadar has become a profitable investment prospect as a result of the CPEC project. The city will become a thriving center of commerce and finance. In the next years, there will surely be a rise in demand for residential and commercial property in the city. This makes this big housing building an ideal low-risk investment option for investors.

Green Palms Location

 When it comes to purchasing a home or a commercial plot for an enterprise, one of the most essential things that buyers evaluate is the location. There is no need to be concerned about the location of Green Palms Gwadar because it is one of the best in the region.

Green Palm Housing Project is located in the centre of the city. It is advantageously situated at the crossroads of the major Makran Coastal Highway (1.25 kilometers in front) and Kahan Avenue (1KM front). Along these routes, it provides easy access to the beach and the core business area.

NOC Status

It is NOC approved project by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA). Its registration number is 07/04/H.S/GDA(B),14/05/H.S/GDA(B),84/20/H.S/GDA(B) which was issued on 16/12/2020.


This huge project is the vision of the Rafi Group, a firm that has created a name for itself in the real estate sector and is well-known throughout the country. Mr. Imtiaz Rafi Butt, is the CEO and Executive Chairman of the Rafi Group. Rafi Group has been in the real estate development sector since 1978 and prides itself on fulfilling all its commitment on time. The Group takes great pride in being 100% compliant with clients, regulators as well as our development timelines. Green Palms Housing Project aims to fulfill the anticipated housing demand for an industrialized Gwadar. Plan your future by securing your investment with Green Palms Housing Project.

Green Palms Payment Plan

For its affordable property prices, Gwadar has drawn investors from all over Pakistan. The good news is that the Green Palms Gwadar payment plan is suitable for a wide range of buyers. Both residential and commercial plots have a 4-year payment plan, making it a cost-effective and trustworthy solution.

Payment Plan For Residential Plots

Residential Plots starting from 3.2 marlas to 14 marlas with easy four-years installment plan at 20% down payment only.

Payment Plan For Commercial Plots

4Marla residential plots have a price of PKR 2,880,000. First, you have to pay a 20% downpayment equals to 576,000. Then 42,500 per month for4 years.

Master plan

The whole utility infrastructure is being built underground, which is a common characteristic of modern housing societies and one to which we completely agree. Underground energy, sewage disposal, and freshwater supply systems, as well as excellent infrastructure and a contemporary telecommunication network, are being created to maintain the Green Palms Housing Project’s environment clean, modern, and inspiring.

Amenities and features

Green Palms Gwadar provides certain unique amenities for its residents and investors, taking into account all of the demands of modern living. Here are a few of the most notable features:

  • Underground electricity
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Shopping Malls
  • Gated and secured entry from Bab-e-Medina
  • Underground provision of utilities
  • Continuous fresh water supply
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Community living
  • State-of-the-art telecommunication network
  • Mosques, including a Grand Masjid
  • Top-quality educational institutes
  • Sports complex and community club
  • Open parks with lush green gardens
  • Swimming Pool
  • Steel structure construction
  • Monuments, Main Gates, and Watch Towers Development
  • Horticulture Works
  • CCTV cameras installation and set up a surveillance system

Why to Invest in Green Palms Gawadar?

Gwadar is strategically important due to its proximity to international sea lines of communication. As a result, Gwadar’s development is a key component of the CPEC’s overall plan. China and Pakistan are working together to transform Gwadar into a regional commerce hub, according to the recently released Gwadar Master Plan.

Gwadar, once fully developed, has the potential to become one of the region’s most important commercial and trading centres. Its deepest seaport offers it a competitive advantage over other area ports.

Gwadar offers a plethora of attractive investment prospects for Pakistani residents. Because the city is on the verge of becoming a regional commerce center, it is attracting a slew of investors from around Pakistan. Gwadar is an investor’s dream because of its unrivaled potential and promising future profits.


Green Palms is a fantastic Gwadar housing project. Everyone wants luxury and comfort, and Green Palms in Gwadar provides both. Property values in Gwadar are expected to rise as a result of the CPEC’s progress. Everyone is interested in the Green Palms Master Plan in order to be a part of it. As a result, we may conclude that it is the greatest option for future investment.