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November 25, 2021

CDA Allocates Rs72.15M For Markaz Up-Gradation

Islamabad: CDA has allocated Rs72.15 million for the upgrading of Markaz up-gradation to facilitate citizens of Islamabad. The management of CDA has decided to upgrade all the ‘Maraakiz’ to provide better facilities to the citizens of the federal capital, especially the business community.

The CDA has allocated an Rs72.15 million budget in this regard, said the civic body. Under the project, up-gradation and rehabilitation of footpaths, parking areas, street lights, sewerage, road carpeting, lane marking, curbstones, and other development works would be carried out.

According to the details, a budget of Rs4.90 million has been allocated for the up-gradation of Sector F-6 Markaz, F-8 Markaz, I-8 Markaz, I-9 Markaz, and I-10 Markaz. Sector F-7 Markaz, G-6 Markaz, and G-8 Markaz have allocated an Rs4.95 million budget. Similarly, a budget of Rs4.75 million has been allocated for Sector F-10 Markaz and Rs4.85 million for F-11 Markaz, G-11 Markaz, and G-7 Markaz.

In addition, Rs4.80 million has been earmarked for upgrading of Sector G-9 Markaz and G-10 Markaz, and a budget of Rs3.90 million has been allocated for I-11 Markaz.

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