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November 13, 2021

PC-1 For Remodeling Katchehry Chowk, Defence Chowk Project Prepared

Rawalpindi: The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has prepared PC-1 for remodeling Katchehry Chowk and Defence Chowk underpass project, according to news published.

As per the details, the RDA has requested the Punjab government to launch work on the Kutchery and Defence Chowk underpass project, as the existing remodeling Ammar Chowk project will be completed by December 20 at the total cost of PKR 1.307 billion. According to the plan, an underpass will be constructed to link The Mall and Airport Road to The Mall and Jhelum Road. It was reported that under this project, traffic will be made signal-free through underpasses. The two-lane underpass has been designed for Rawat to Saddar and Airport to Saddar traffic.

A senior official of RDA (whose name was not disclosed) revealed that Katchehry Chowk remodeling is important and money reserved for Defence Chowk should be released for this project. The official stated that if work on both the projects starts now, it will cause traffic problems for residents.

RDA requested to release PKR 1.8 billion for the project so construction can start early next year. Sharing details about PC-1 of the project, the Punjab government has sent PC-1 to the Communication and Works Department and then, it will be sent for final approval to Planning and Development Board.

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